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Letmojo’s team have over 25 years experience working in the lettings industry, referencing tenants and providing associated services. You can be confident we will help you with your Tenants and provide peace of mind for your rental property.

Whether you are using a Letting Agent for our referencing or working with us direct our services will be the same, we’re here to protect you and provide an honest and factual view on your potential tenant.


Register now by contacting: [email protected] and we’ll get you referencing right away.

We currently offer two types of Referencing products.

Tier 1 – our basic credit file review, an instant reference that will give you some basic insight into the creditworthiness of the Tenant.


Tier 2 – our full and extensive tenant review which in our opinion is essential for anyone looking to rent a property in the current climate.


Why is Tier 2 essential?

In the current climate a credit file will only provide a small snapshot in time of how the tenant manages their credit. If they have a small credit outlay and pay their bills on time this will show in a good credit file.


But what about income? are they employed / self employed, have they recently lost or started a new role? Does the income they say they receive match the information from their employers?


Do their bank statements corroborate the salary and information they told us? Are there inaccuracies, omissions, do documents look like they have been tampered with – does something not just add up?


What does their previous landlord say?  Would they rent to them again, have they ever had any rent arrears?


Employers – is the company legitimate, have you checked companies house, are they using a free webmail account?


All of these questions may look like they are answered truthfully by the tenant but with fraudulent applications and identity fraud on the increase would you know what to look for and where?


We aren’t just about Tenant Referencing though – letmojo can offer you access to a wide range of products and services specifically designed for the lettings market



rent guarantee


Purchase Rent Guarantee Insurance from our partners Alan Boswell and get peace of mind when renting out your properties. Their rent guarantee insurance policy also comes with legal expenses as standard, so you can get rent protection in the event of a tenant defaulting and any legal expenses costs you may face, for example costs for evicting a tenant.

  • Cover up to £2,500 in rental income per month

  • Up to 15 months’ rental cover

  • Up to 3 months rental cover following eviction at 75% of monthly rent

  • Full landlord legal expenses up to £100,000 (including eviction costs)

  • Access to online health and safety documents

  • All tenant types considered


Need landlord building insurance and rent guarantee?
Save an additional £55 from your rent guarantee insurance policy when you purchase a landlord policy from them


Landlord Building Insurance covers against events such as flooding, subsidence and fires. If you’re renting out a furnished property, it’s worth considering adding a contents insurance policy if you provide furniture for your tenants.

Compare quotes online or give Alan Boswell a call and one of their property insurance specialists will search the market to find the best level of cover for you.



right to rent checks


On 1st February 2016 right-to-rent legislation came into effect in England, meaning that all landlords or their appointed letting agent have the legal responsibility to check that their tenants have the right to reside in the UK.

This legislation falls under the Immigration Act 2016 and under the Act, it’s now a criminal offence to neglect these responsibilities. Most importantly you need to be able to evidence that you carry out these checks for ALL tenancies.

From July 1st 2021, if someone is an EEA, EU, or Swiss national, you will need to see proof of their UK immigration status (settled or pre-settled) rather than their national identification.


You can either check a tenant’s original acceptable documents which allow them to live in the UK, or a ‘sharecode’ which can be entered onto the Government’s website at along with the person’s date of birth.

This online service is suitable if your tenant:

  • Has a biometric residence card or permit

  • Has settled or pre-settled status

  • Applied for a visa and used the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to scan their identity document on their phone

  • You cannot insist a tenant use this service or refuse to rent to them if they want to prove their right to rent by showing you their documents instead.


For British tenants, or for those coming from outside the EEA – you can continue to check these in the same way.

Letmojo can help you reduce the administrative burden for Right to Rent checks and also provide a one stop solution to ensure you have completed the correct checks, validated the documents you have been provided and also give you a secure data store for all of your checks in one straightforward system.


Our Right to Rent solution will give you:
🗸 All of your Right to Rent documents stored Online, in one secure place
🗸 Easy to complete online applications with clear instructions
🗸 Final reports informing you if the client has the Right to Rent
🗸 An early warning system that reminds you two months before Visas are due to end for cases where the tenant has a time limited Right to Rent
🗸 Verification of the MRZ codes and produce a report that establishes the tenant’s eligibility to reside in the UK
🗸 Alerts displayed on your dashboard 28 days before a tenancy is due to expire.


To sign up for our Right to Rent checks contact: [email protected] or call us on 01626 912321

enhanced id verification

To give you complete peace of mind we are able to provide you with our Enhanced ID Verification.


We take the next step in ensuring that you are protected from identity fraud by using state of the art facial biometric scanning technology combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to confirm your tenant’s Identity.


All documents including Driving Licenses, passports and ID cards will have MRZ codes checked for correct formats and Visa documents will be certified as being valid.


In addition, we will check your documents against the 160,000 records contained within the Metropolitan Police Service Amberhill database on false identities and documents.


To benefit from our Enhanced ID checking service contact: [email protected] or call us on 01626 912321.


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We’re sure you’ll find us a little different to our competitors, you’ll always find us warm and friendly to have a conversation with and we’re down to earth,  so won’t bamboozle you with jargon either.


Whether you’re an accidental landlord, or manage a portfolio of multiple properties, letmojo are here to provide a professional service that can make a huge, positive difference to you that won’t break the bank.